Christmas Parties That Pop

Whether you’re planning a cosy Christmas dinner for your team, or you’re looking for a massive festive blow out with all the trimmings, we have you covered.

You're our Christmas number one 

No matter the size or scope of your Christmas celebrations, we’ll help you craft the ultimate experience for your guests. We cater for everything from small gatherings to event takeovers. From expert event planners to help remember all those finishing touches to friendly, helpful service on the night, you’ll feel like you’ve hit the top spot throughout.

Christmas Brochure
Superior Room - The Gibson Hotel

Rest Easy

The Beastie Boys might have said “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” but we know all good things must come to an end and that includes your magical Christmas party.

So whether you’re feeling sleepy after supper or you’ve danced until dawn, all you need to do is head upstairs to one of our soothing, restful rooms and you’ll be assured a brilliant 40 winks to recharge your batteries.