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The month is August, the year is 2018, the word of the summer is festival. Let’s do this thing.


set the scene

It’s go time. You wake up with a little help of your alarm clock and it’s game face time. A quick shower and two tactical weetbix later it’s time to check the itinerary.

Potentially, you are a seasoned festival veteran. Born in the fire of tent-sites and face-paint, you are the festival and the festival is you. If the musical purists ask for proof, you simply scoff and gently remind them of the good old days.  You’ve seen Blur reunite in 2009 and close out Glastonbury’s final day, you’ve bore witness to Dre & Snoop resurrecting Tupac, you’ve even had a shandy with your mates as Sharon Shannon dueted with Mundy for Galway girl.

However, there are those rare few who have yet to dawn the fabled turquoise rain poncho and purple wellington boots. To these festival newcomers we say, have no fear, here is our ultimate festival survival guide, gibson hotel style!


Packing the bag

No need to over complicate things. Keep it simple. As Mika always says; ‘relax, take it easy’. A few essentials will get you safely through your first festi-slumber*, disclaimer; *unsure if festi-slumber is actually word, but we felt camping does not adequately describe one’s unique experience of spending the night at a festival camp site. Here’s a few essentials to get through the night and through your festival experience:



the ultimate survival kit


1. A tent


obvious but you’d be surprised


2. A lock for said tent

trust nobody



3. A sleeping bag


man’s gotta sleep 

4. baby wipes

enter if you dare..

5. Wellies



6. battery power bank


no power, no Instagram thus defeating the purpose of a festival 



7. Panadol


the precious….(don’t judge us)



8. €3 Sunglasses

Leave the RayBans at home, trust us.


9. Carry Cash




10. Bring an umbrella



ain’t got time for rain…


editor’s word..

One thing’s for sure. A festival is all about the memories, tunes and the good times. We promise you that if you stick to our survival kit you’ll be well on your way to music festival veteran status.


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