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BBQ Dublin: sun’s out buns out


Last Friday the gibson turned up the heat as the hotel launched it’s favorite BBQ offering.

Answering that age old summer time question, where to BBQ in Dublin? The chefs fired up the grill to answer the call. Offering everything from new potato salad with honey & mustard mayo to piri piri marinated chicken drumsticks it’s safe to say mouths were watering and plates were threatening to overflow.


heating up in here


throw annada shrimp on the barbaay


The gibson’s famous coda eatery, aka the First Dates restaurant, swapped rose petals for charred corn on the cob and certainly it was love at first sight. Summer was launched and the best BBQ deal in town was live. For just €28 per person, BBQ lovers can enjoy a range of sizzling dishes and mouth-watering treats from this sizzling bbq menu.


kiss the chef: executive head chef Igor cooking up a storm


sort your life out! (with sonya lennon)

Fashion designer and tech entrepreneur Sonya Lennon was the guest of honor and keynote speaker on the day. Getting the crowd to evaluate their lives in relation to work, family, fiance and the rest, Lennon explained ‘it’s about setting a clear goal, something that your are entirely passionate about and taking time each evening to reflect on the little wins until you get there’. Lennon is also known for her social entrepreneurial work and founded the Dublin branch of Dress for Success, a charity that provides free styling advice, job interview tips and career workshops for women. The inspiring speaker ensured each guest took away a doggy bag with plenty of food for thought after the BBQ launch.

 dressed for success, sonya lennon talks shop, shopping and business

fill your plates!

With May now here and summer officially open, the gibson are really upping the BBQ game. If Friday’s launch was anything to go by plates will be stacked and ques will be formed for this sizzling BBQ menu. So get those buns out, on a plate of course and make it gibson for this years hottest, (pun level 1000), summer BBQ offer!








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