Quit new years resolutions

are you tired of having new year’s resolutions that you never stick to? if you don’t feel like making new year’s resolutions this year, fear not, here’s what to do instead that we think is a lot more fun!

1. create a bucket list

bucket lists are exciting! why not jot down all the thing you’ve always wanted to do, see or experience? ever wanted to bungee jump? travel the world? learn to ski? do a trek? whatever it is, don’t put it off! create your bucket list and go for it, make those dreams a reality.

2. create a list of things to look forward to

what are you looking forward to this year? maybe you have a great holiday planned, or a friend is getting married, or there’s a course or conference that you’re really looking forward to attending. creating a list of things that you’re looking forward to is a simple way to make you hopeful and positive for the new year.

3. take a yearly challenge

if it’s good enough for mark zuckerberg– the founder of Facebook – then it is good enough for us! he gives himself a personal challenge every year. one year his challenge was to learn mandarin, another year he wanted to build a robot! follow in zuckerberg’s footsteps and set a personal challenge for yourself this year. one idea is to challenge yourself to save a certain amount of money–by the end of the year or, you could try to build your own robot! learn a sport or language or go to 100 gigs in the year, whatever it is that would make you happy and maybe it helps you achieve something from your bucket list!

4. decide on one-word for the year

pick a word to guide you throughout the year. why just one word? because one word gives you clarity and focus. if you were to sit down and write down everything that you want for the new year, and then read over your list, you’d see certain themes emerging. You can then boil it all down to the one word that encapsulates what you want for the year.

here are some ideas for your one-word:


5. take a life audit

one option for the new year is to take a life audit. how are you doing in life? if you were to grade yourself in each of your life areas–relationships, work, finances, health, and so on–how would you do? what areas need improvement? once you know where you are now, you can decide where you want to be by the end of the year. then, at the end of the year, audit yourself again to see if you improved.

have a healthy and happy new year from all the team at the gibson hotel.

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