snow dublin

  1. Bread

Just bread… the elusive crusty staple of our kitchen. Yeah, remember that stuff….well when you were in a tug of war with your granny for the last sliced pan in tesco you knew things were serious. #breadgate

  1. Wet feet all day errday

Dry feet?  Unless you are one of these guys who carry around 14 pairs of socks it felt like we were all wearing crocks in the bath tub for a week!



  1. You actually can finish the internet #housebound

Congratulations you have finished the world wide web –  you have won $1



  1. Calories don’t count during a snow storm

Let them eat cake.. and everything else in the press!


  1. Your mother knows best

‘’dont make unnecessary journeys’’


  1. You can become a weather expert in 1 day on Twitter

‘’Among the many different cloud types, three are responsible for most precipitation that falls to Earth: stratus, cumulus and nimbus. These clouds are capable of producing both rain and snow, often by combining with one another in hybrid formations. While some are almost exclusively associated with specific weather events such as thunderstorms, the type of precipitation that falls from a cloud is ultimately dependent upon temperature, humidity and air pressure…….’’

………………………..just call me the weather guy #stormemma


  1. Irish people have skis #winterolympics

Pretty sure we know that guy skiing down the M50…? #skiitoworkscheme2k18



  1. The local always stays open

‘pint of plain there Frank when you get a chance’


There’s still no bread



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