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Finding it difficult to come up with a romantic plan for yet another special occasion during lockdown? We hear ya! You might not be able to wine and dine at an expensive restaurant or jet set off to Paris this year but sometimes the best experiences can end up being those closest to home!

We’ve put together some fun filled Valentine lockdown activities to keep you on your toes this Valentine’s Day!

1. Create the perfect cinema night

Turn your sitting room into a romantic movie theatre. Pull out all the stops – blankets, candles…even make your own movie poster and tickets to really sell the vibe. Make sure to have both of your favourite movies and treats. Then sit back and enjoy the show!

2. Host a wine tour for two

This one’s super easy and a lot of fun. Simply hide a different glass of wine in each room of your house and begin your very own personal wine tour a la lockdown.

3. Go on a camping trip

Has it always been your dream to go on a romantic camping trip, why wait? Dust off that old tent and set up a toasty camp fire in your own back yard. We promise you won’t know the difference after a glass of wine (or two..) and fall asleep beneath the stars.

4. Make your very own Valentine’s treasure hunt

Because nothing says Valentine’s Day like a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt! Set up clues around your house and let your partner know when they’re getting hot or cold. You’ll have hours of fun.

5. Have a bake off

Pick a recipe of your choice and then challenge each other to a romantic bake off! We have lots of recipes for you to choose from too ? Remember the loser has to do the clean-up…

Now that you’re Valentine’s plans are set, all that’s left is a special gift. With Valentine’s Day being more lowkey this year why not give the perfect gift to look forward to? Choose from one of our gibson Valentine’s Gift Vouchers and let any day be Valentine’s Day❤️

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