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Sun-seekers rejoiced when Met Eireann said the mercury is going to reach a welcome 27C this weekend.

While we’re more used to rain coats than raybans in Ireland, a sunny spell can leave some of us with dilemmas on how to act as the temperatures soar. So on that tropical note, here’s the gibson hotel’s you know you’re Irish heatwave edition.


Once the mercury starts to rise every Irish mammy knows its time for a salad..

Or maybe even a BBQ.. suns out buns out and all that jazz

you know what they’d love now….. a salad 


2.Tan lines 

Laying it on factor 50 thick works, but, you’ve got to be consistent. Who else knows a guy who looks like a poorly painted fence? Classic Irish summer move..

crocks were a bad choice..


3. Penneys

If the American’s have Forever 21 then the Irish have Penney’s. Once the sun starts to spread it’s golden rays every Irish man or woman worth their salt knows it’s time to whip out the contactless and hit Penney’s for those summer bargains. A nice pair of Bermuda’s or possibly an über stylish t shirt to really highlight the fact you’re all about those summertime vibes? Penney’s will make it happen.

all of the puns…


4.The simple 99

Got 99 problems but a flake ain’t one? Well then you’re in the consensus. No Irish heatwave is complete without the piece de resistance that is the 99 ice cream cone. Punters beware *may cause ques and screaming children*. Tastes great though. The gibson hotel definitely approves of 99’s. Beware that pesky tickle in your throat though. Safety first of course..


would you like a glass of water with that sir?


 5. Not everyone is happy about the sun…


just call me a glass half empty kind of guy…



 6. Texting everyone on their holidays

It’s blazing hot.. you’d fry an egg on the path.. it’s hotter here than Spain.

You know the drill here! Anyone and everyone abroad gets hit with the smug texts. Thank God they abolished roaming rates! #PeakSmug


Hiiiyaaa, so how’s Mallorca Caroline? Oh only 24 degrees there? you poor thing…

  7. A great little country if we could put a roof on it..

it was good while it lasted..

the best 3 days of the year…


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