We’ve witnessed our fair share of dates at the gibson hotel and with it officially being the month of love we thought we’d pull together some of the most valuable insights from First Dates Ireland and take you through a dating crash course of do’s and don’ts! The gibson gurus are here to take you from dating zero to dreamboat hero.

  1. First up…the bill
    Now there’s no rule for who should pay the bill per say, but offering to pay gives you major brownie points! It’s a big tell-tale sign that you’re generous and not a penny pincher! This counts for the girls too – it’s always a good sign when you show you have intention to split the bill!
  2. Watch that jibber jabber
    Don’t get lost talking about yourself…mistakes, heartaches, your ten-year plan! Nothing is worse than someone who doesn’t take an interest in the person they’re on a date with. Getting too deep/oversharing is not a great start either – you have plenty of time to get to know each other, maybe save it for date number 3?
  3. Telling your dating horror stories
    Alright we get that you’ve been on your fair share of Tinder dates, there’s no need to take us through the horror stories on a first date! All we’re hearing is that we’re one of your many… The same goes for talking to much about your crazy ex…RED FLAG!
  4. Nobody likes a dinner badge
    If you’re brave enough to eat chicken wings on your first date – hats off to you! Just make sure you’re not walking around with your own dinner badge on your shirt or face. Nothing says “bill please” like a messy eater..
  5. Pace those G&T’s
    We all like a cocktail (or two) to relax on a date – just make sure you don’t get tempted to go overboard or at the very least are on the same level as your date! You probably don’t want to show your cray side just yet..
  6. Would you like fries with that?
    Ever been on a date where they insist they don’t want their own portion of fries but then will go ahead and eat yours? Or they claim to never eat dairy or animal products but then suddenly they’re “vegan-ish” when they see how good your short-ribbed beef looks? There’s nothing wrong with sharing but if you’re asked be honest!
  7. Keep the conversation casual…
    Now we all like someone with values and that cares about their own well-being! Just make sure you’re not rattling off all the horrors of eating meat while your date is digging into their steak – nobody likes a veggie pusher! This goes for topics like politics too – avoid!
  8. Show you made an effort!
    Last but definitely not least, always dress to impress and try keep it classy – you’ll be milestones ahead before you’ve even said hello! Remember you want to be yourself (ish) but the best possible version you can be!

Now you’ve ticked all of the boxes and you’re ready to knock em’ dead! You can thank us when your reeling in the second date requests!


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